Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer 2008...a repeat of last year?

Hi everyone....no I have not lost all the cat fat but I have been working on my napping techniques and I think I am ready for 8-08-08, the Olympics for cat-napping! Like the photo of the butterfly? I hope to see loads of them around here as soon as everything dries up and heats up!

Actually, it has been raining a lot here and going outside is a bit boring, all wet and icky for my fur coat. The lady who takes care of me says I can stay inside all I want while she whiles away the hours cleaning, reading, writing and also sleeping. We are all staying home this summer since it really costs too much to drive around!

I have a good friend who left for Israel and he is going to have the time of his life. His blog is located at http://fireonthemountain-acis.blogspot.com/. He said he was ready to pee all over himself because he was excited....sounds like a dog thing to me. Anyway, wish him luck and Shalom since he will need both....lots of felines over there but probably too hot in the summer for them and their long fur coats.
Later......Miss Putti

Monday, September 3, 2007

Summer is gone and Fall is almost here!

I had a lackluster summer and now I look only to the cool days and nights of the autumn and some cool full moons. I have been relegated to another diet plan since the last one for the past 2 years has not been as effective as planned. The caretaker lady took me to the vet and then he said, "Oh we can give Putti some new diet which will prevent the dander and lose the weight."

So lickety split, she went off to Dave's Soda and Pet City and bought all this new food, "crap", and has been feeding it to all of us! I actually like the Core stuff since it smells a lot like meat but it is a powerful smell. The canned food, well I am not crazy about blueberries mixed in with my trout and lobster along with sweet potatoes.....give me a break, I am a cat and some pretentious ne'r do well even though I may sound that way at times......

But I have noticed a shine to my coat in only a few days and maybe a little sag to my stomach....could the stuff be working? I will post one of those outrageous photos after I have lost the fat....

Meanwhile you will have to do with a photo of the food we have all been eating. I am sure the manufacturer willnot mind the free publicity. Yep, carpe diem and a few extra handfuls of Special Kitty, my old food!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finally a hot day in the summer

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

It has been a cold wet summer thus far. My fur coat is growing back in at a luxurious rate...what shall I do. And now we finally have some hot and humid weather worth writing about. I have not really missed this weather, just glad that it is passing here at the end of July and not the beginning.

Seems that the caretaker lady has been overworking herself at some school she teaches at. Doubt if they know anything about cats over there.....seems she is always there and not home taking care of me and the others.

Yes, the others, they seem to have taken over this summer. At least I have Bluebell trained to wake up everyone and get breakfast, lunch and dinner in the bowls before I make my entrance. I really like the dry cat food the best even though it is not the special kitty junk cat food that I used to eat all the time....that was good stuff, really put the pounds on though.

I guess no one wants to write, too busy at the beach or other places. No problem...you will all be having somethign to say soon enough.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 18th and more rain...

HI everyone, it is mid-July and I am a lazy cat this month. Since the couch was moved over near the window, I can sleep on top and look out the window at the same time. The caretaker lady has made the mistake of leaving a very large pillow on the couch for me to also lounge on. It is a great summer for me so far.

I read a good article the other day in Wilson Quaertly about William James and his articulations about FREE WILL. He said that the first big step he took for free will was decide he had free will....abstract and also very effective. He also wrote another book called Pragmatics which I think would be a good read for even a cat.

Well, before I get too brainy I though I would share this cartoon with you of an enormous cat....enjoy. I found it somewhere on the Internet under "fat cats".

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A rainy July 4th...does anyone care?

I am stuck here in the house writing this stupid blog only because it is raining outside and I have nowhere else to go. They cancelled the fireworks in the town next door, parades cancelled and yet the yard is getting watered.

I have eaten all of my kibble as the other old lady likes to call it! Yep, another person has come back home to live, it is the lady with the art therapy blog. She has pretty art for a human being but I really wonder about all the therapy it provides. What...she is yelling at me that hse has not yet started her therapy classes s the art on the walls is art on the walls!

Sorry no images to post here tonight....just don't feel motivated to put up a picture of me in my sodden fur coat.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is it summer yet?

Longing for Summer

Spring was very short here, almost not ever. The plant and I are resting and waiting for the long hot days, or short hot days of summer up here in Massachusetts.

I did a bad bad thing....I did not clean my coat enough and had to have it all shaved off except for around my head. Now I look like a lion! And there have been some colds here and the short coat makes me shiver. But as a fat cat I can handle all the weather! The other cats really do not mind.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Literate Fat Cat

Don't Try This at Home.....
Lucky for me, that I am "allowed" to lie around on the counter all over the magazines and newspapers.....but all the rest of you fat cats out there should really inspect the perimeter before doing this. My languid state of repose was soon disrupted after the evidence, or photo, was taken.
And yes, I have been able to read a few of the magazines in my spare time. The one I was scanning with my eyes closed was the Wilson Quarterly, a real yawner some of the time.